Hurghada Egypt Guide

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Hurghada Travel Information

Spending time in Hurghada is very enjoyable but we have put together this handy guide to make you aware of some of the ‘essentials’.  A quick read of this information will make sure that you holiday remains hassle free!

Time Difference
Hurghada time is two hours ahead of GMT (+3 hours between the last Friday of April and the last Friday in August).

Although English and French (Hurghada is the 3rd most popular destination for French travellers) are widely spoken, Arabic is the official language.

As you would expect, you will need a yellow fever vaccination if you are arriving into Hurghada from an infected area.  As mentioned throughout this website, make sure you protect your skin against the strong Egyptian sunshine with a high factor sunblock and by staying out of the sun between Midday and 4pm.  Drink plenty of water to combat dehydration but make sure it is bottled water as the supply is not up to the standards that many western visitors are used to.  Take care when eating, both inside and outside your hotel and stay away from ice creams and salads washed in tap water.  Make sure meats are cooked thoroughly.  As with any travel destination, make sure you have adequate travel insurance to cover any expense that you incur in event of a medical emergency.

Power Supply
European two-pin plugs are found throughout Hurghada with a current of 220 volts.

Safety Information
Hurghada is as safe as spending the day in London but that does not mean you should let your guard down.  Terrorist attacks took place in 2005 and 2006 and this has let to increased security and protection for visitors.  Remember that Egypt is very different culturally to the UK and visitors should exercise caution.  Leave valuable jewellery at home and only carry as much money as you need, leaving the rest (including your passports) safely locked away in your hotel safe.  Safety standards on public transport are often neglected so stick to organised tours wherever possible where you will have a certain degree of security guaranteed.

Around 5-10% is normal for restaurant bills/taxi drivers and this is similar to many other major tourist destinations.

Local Customs
Hurghada, as is much of Egypt, is a conservative society and anybody visiting the area should pay attention to local customs and traditions.  Dress modestly and respect religious customs such as Ramadan.  It is also worth being aware that Homosexuality is frowned upon and homosexual acts are illegal.

Telephone calls
The international dialling code for Egypt (Hurghada) is +20.


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