Hurghada Egypt Guide

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When to Go

The climate in Egypt is very pleasant throughout the year. Summers are very hot and dry whilst 'winter' is slightly cooler but still warm enough for sunbathing and spending time on the beach.

This is the appeal that gives Hurghada a year long tourist season and why visitors flock to this part of the Red Sea Riviera when temperatures drop at home.

Sea temperature rarely drops below 20c which means that swimming is possible throughout the year and you can get away from the harsh winters than can be experienced in many parts of Europe between November and March.

Whilst the height of summer is very hot -sometimes 40c plus - the 'Spring' and 'Autumn' seasons are thought by many as the best time to visit Hurghada. 

Between April and June, and September till November, the tempertures are warm without being uncomfortable.

Sun shines nearly every day of the year here so you will be very unlucky to experience any prolonged period of bad weather.

Pack as normal throughout the year but remember an extra layer for evenings outside of the peak summer months as the temperature can drop slightly once the sun has gone done.

Dont' chance turning up in Hurghada without accommodation - make sure you check out our Hurghada hotels or Hurghada holidays for a full range of luxury accommodation at great affordable prices.


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