Hurghada Museum: Your Essential Guide to Local History

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Hurghada Museum is a great day out in the heart of the resort, and is the perfect destination for anyone wanting to explore the rich history of the region.

A wide array of artefacts are on display, spanning from ancient Egyptian times to the modern era. From pharaonic treasures to contemporary art, there’s something for everyone at this impressive museum.

Just a stone’s throw away from popular holiday hotels and resorts and the bustling heart of Hurghada, the museum offers a fascinating window into the country’s past.

As you wander through its halls, you’ll discover more than 1,000 artefacts, each carefully curated to tell the story of Egypt’s illustrious history.

Whether you’re a history buff or simply looking to escape the sun for a few hours, you’re sure to find this an interesting few hours, making your holiday even better than it already was.

Visiting the Hurghada Museum isn’t just an opportunity to immerse yourself in centuries of history, it’s also a brilliant way to support the ongoing preservation of Egyptian heritage.

By taking the time to explore, you’re not only enriching your own understanding of Egypt’s past but also contributing to the future of its culture. Experience this amazing attraction firsthand and make lasting memories during your time in Hurghada.

Discovering Hurghada Museum

If you’re visiting Hurghada, you could do a lot worse than explore this cultural gem, the Hurghada Museum. This guide aims to give you a better idea of what there is to see and what you’ll find inside.

Opened in February 2020, the museum is home to stunning exhibits that showcase Egypt’s rich history.

Find out more about vivid stories of ancient Egyptian civilisation, which span thousands of years. The array of artefacts available will stay long in your mind, and you’ll walk away with a much clearer understanding of how the modern resort has become what you see today.

Inside the museum, it’s easy to get lost in the 4,000 square metres of exhibition space, featuring over 1,000 artefacts, from Pharaonic art to modern pieces. The exhibits are divided into different sections, giving you an insight into various aspects of Egyptian history:

  • Pharaonic Period: You’ll discover beautifully preserved artefacts, including statues, mummy portraits, jewellery, and more.
  • Graeco-Roman Period: Experience the awe of seeing mosaics and sculptures from the Graeco-Roman era.
  • Islamic Period: Explore the intricacies of Islamic art and the beauty of the intricately designed items during this period.

While exploring these exhibits, you’ll likely notice the museum’s commitment to highlighting the connection between Egypt and the Red Sea. This theme is evident through special displays showcasing the impact of the Red Sea on Ancient Egyptian trade, exploration, and daily life.

Accessibility is equally important at Hurghada Museum, with the entire museum designed to accommodate wheelchairs, ensuring that everyone can enjoy this cultural gem.

Technological elements have also been incorporated into the exhibition space, enhancing your experience with interactive displays and multimedia presentations.

Moreover, the museum isn’t just limited to amazing exhibits; the complex also includes:

  • A dedicated space for temporary exhibitions: Here, you can explore rotating exhibits on various themes, expanding your knowledge of Egyptian history even further.
  • Souvenir shops and a café: Give yourself a break and take home a little something to remember your visit.

Now that you’re familiar with the wonders of Hurghada Museum, it’s time to experience it firsthand. Go on and enjoy this unforgettable journey through Egypt’s rich past, right in the heart of Hurghada.

Exploring Exhibits: From Ancient to Modern

When visiting the Hurghada Museum, you’ll be amazed by the variety of exhibits showcasing the region’s history from ancient to modern times.

As you explore, you’ll come across artefacts and displays that reflect the rich cultural and historical aspects of the area.

Some of the exhibits worth seeing include:

  • Ancient Egyptian artefacts: Be amazed by the collection of well-preserved items from this ancient civilisation. Highlights include statues of pharaohs, intricate jewellery, and fascinating burial items. Don’t miss the chance to see an array of antiquities from famous landmarks like the Luxor Temple and Karnak.
  • Coptic and Islamic art: Discover the Coptic and Islamic heritage of Egypt through these exhibits. You’ll find stunning examples of religious art, as well as historical documents providing insight into how Christianity and Islam shaped the country’s culture and history.
  • Contemporary Egyptian art: Gain an appreciation for the creativity of modern Egyptian artists by examining their unique works. This exhibit showcases paintings, sculptures, and other artistic creations by both renowned and emerging talents.
  • Red Sea heritage: Dive into the wonders of the Red Sea ecosystem with this exhibit. Explore the display of corals, fossils, and other marine life native to the area, as well as learn about Hurghada’s importance as a coastal city throughout history.
  • Daily life showcases: Get a sense of everyday life in ancient and modern times by exploring these exhibits. You’ll find items related to fashion, cuisine, sports, and even transportation.
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Here are some quick statistics pertaining to the museum:

Number of exhibitsTotal artefactsSize of museumOpening hoursEntrance fee
5Over 2,00010,000 sqm9:00 am – 9:00 pmEGP 75

To make the most of your visit, take advantage of guided tours offered by knowledgeable staff. Not only will they explain the exhibits in detail, but they’ll also answer any questions you might have about the rich history of Hurghada and Egypt as a whole.

Ultimately, Hurghada Museum offers a rewarding experience.

When to Visit, Tickets and Tips

Choosing the perfect time to explore Hurghada Museum can make a significant difference in your experience. Generally, the best time to visit Hurghada is between October and April. During these months, you’ll enjoy pleasant weather conditions suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Regarding tickets, a visit to the Hurghada Museum typically has a separate admission fee from other attractions in the area. As of the time of writing, ticket prices are as follows:

Age GroupTicket Price
Child (6-12)100EGP/€3
Child (under 6)Free

Here are a few essential tips to remember during your visit:

  • Purchase tickets in advance: Buying your tickets online can save you time and guarantee entry, especially during peak season.
  • Allot enough time for your visit: It’s recommended to reserve at least 2 to 3 hours to thoroughly explore the museum’s exhibits.
  • Dress modestly: As Hurghada is located in Egypt, which is a predominantly Muslim country, it’s always good practice to dress conservatively, covering both shoulders and knees.
  • Don’t forget your camera: The museum’s captivating artefacts and exhibitions are perfect for some memorable photo opportunities.
  • Be mindful of the museum’s hours: Operating hours for the Hurghada Museum typically range from 9 AM to 9 PM daily. However, hours may vary during holidays and special events. Check the museum’s official website for the most up-to-date information.
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To help maximise your experience at the Hurghada Museum, consider incorporating these additional recommendations:

  • Guided tours: Enhance your understanding of the museum’s artefacts by choosing a guided tour. Expert guides can provide valuable insights into the history and cultural context of the exhibits.
  • Combine your visit: Hurghada has plenty of incredible attractions to offer, such as the Red Sea and the Marina Boulevard. Planning your museum visit alongside these attractions can create a more enriching itinerary.
  • Be respectful: As with any cultural institution, be sure to respect the exhibits, avoid touching artefacts, and maintain a moderate noise level to allow for a pleasant experience for all visitors.

By considering the best time to visit, securing your tickets, and following these essential tips, you’ll be well-prepared for an unforgettable experience at the Hurghada Museum.

Hurghada City

Final Thoughts

Hurghada Museum stands out as an essential addition to your itinerary when visiting the resort. In our opinion, there are several reasons why you shouldn’t miss out:

Firstly, it’s home to a vast collection of artefacts, which provide a glimpse into Egypt’s fascinating history. You’ll find:

  • Ancient Egyptian relics
  • Roman-era artefacts
  • Islamic treasures
  • Contemporary artwork

Secondly, the museum offers interactive experiences for all ages, making it a captivating educational destination. You’ll find:

  • Guided tours with knowledgeable guides
  • Informative audio-visual displays
  • Fun and engaging workshops for children

Moreover, the modern architecture of the museum, encompassing sleek designs and dramatic lighting, enhances the overall experience. This stunning building is an attraction in itself.

Lastly, Hurghada Museum is conveniently located near popular hotels and resorts, making it easily accessible for travellers. The museum also offers ample parking facilities and a variety of dining options.

Reasons to visitBenefits
Vast collection of artefactsLearn about Egypt’s history across different time periods
Interactive experiencesEngage in educational and entertaining activities for all
Modern, sleek designEnjoy the museum’s aesthetic as an attraction on its own
Convenient locationEasy access for travellers staying at nearby hotels/resorts

In a nutshell, Hurghada Museum offers a well-rounded, educational, and enjoyable experience for visitors. Its vast artefact collection, interactive elements, striking architecture, and convenient location make it a must-visit destination during your stay in Hurghada.